Monday, October 19, 2009

Loviisa Guest Studio

WHAT: Loviisa Guest Studio
WHERE: Finland

WHEN: 13 October
WHO: International; Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Music, Sculpture

The aim is to increase the knowledge of the Baltic countries and art in Finland and to increase the interaction between Finland and other countries. The studio provides an opportunity to concentrate on one's own artistic work, to exhibit, teach or lecture.

Duration: 2-6 months

Technical Information: Computers, Mac and PC, Washing machine, TV and telephone.

Studio Information: The apartment/studio (75m2) is situated in an old stone house, on the second floor, along the market place. It has its own entrance and a view over the idyllic market place, town hall and old town. In the apartment there is a modern kitchen/living room, a bedroom with linen, a shower, a wc, and a fully equipped studio.

Accommodation Information: Combined with studio, Fully furnished wooden building, c.a. 70 sq m with 2 rooms, modern kitchen, wc and sauna.

Paid by host: Accommodation, studio, working material.

Paid for by artist: Board, food, individual traveling expenses and personal needs.

Location: Loviisa is an old coastal city in Southern Finland 90 kilometers east of Helsinki. The guest studio is a part of an old house in which many Finnish artists and craftsmen work permanently, it is located in the old part of the city center. By bus and car east from Helsinki, 110 km.

Application Criteria: CV, examples of works, project plan.

Application address:
Kippari puustelli

Lyhytkuja 3


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