Monday, October 19, 2009


WHAT: GlogauAir
WHERE: Ireland

WHEN: 25 October, 25 December
WHO: International; Dance, Drawing & Painting, Film, Literature, Media Art, Multi Media, Performing Arts, Photography, Sculpture

Glogauer is an international meeting point for the visual arts. Its aim is to support and encourage contemporary artistic creation, research and debate. One of Glogauer's main activities is its Artist in Residence Program. The purpose of this program is to offer a platform to promote the exchange of artistic discourses from artists with different artistic backgrounds and from different geographical origins. The program is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas in order to broaden creative horizons and to offer the possibility of internationalizing the individual projects of the resident artists. By encouraging this cultural diversity, they also hope to be able to update the debate between the artists themselves and between other professionals from the art world and the general public.

Duration: 3-6 months

Paid for by artist: 450 €/month - when sleeping in the Residence; 400 €/month - not sleeping in the Residence

Location: Glogauer is very close to the south-eastern zone of the Landwehrkanal, which crosses the entire Kreuzberg area. Ever since the founding of Greater Berlin, Kreuzberg has been characterized as being a neighborhood with strong, elegant buildings. An area of industrial zones housing small factories, publishers and printers standing side by side with large residential buildings

Application address:
Glogauerstrasse 16
10999 Berlin


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