Monday, October 19, 2009

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

WHAT: Temple Bar Gallery and Studios
WHERE: Ireland

WHEN: 25 April
WHO: International, National; Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Photography, Sculpture

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios is one of Ireland's leading contemporary art venues. Centrally located in Temple Bar, Dublin's designated Cultural Quarter, TBG&S is a publicly funded, not-for-profit organization, which hosts a high profile program of Irish and international art. This program includes the work of both established and emerging artists working in a wide range of media.

TBG&S was established by artists in 1983 in response to the increasing demands for affordable studio spaces in Dublin city center.

Duration: Up to one year

Studio Information: The building that houses TBG&S integrates a gallery with on-street access, an impressive atrium space and 30 artists' studios. The use of these studios reflects the broad-ranging developments in contemporary practice with artists working in photography, video, sound, sculpture, print and painting all currently occupying studio there.

Accommodation Information: Non-residential studio spaces. Work only.

Application address:
5-9 Temple Bar
Dublin 2


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