Sunday, February 13, 2011

Call for Artists

WHAT: In My Own Backyard I Can See The World Call for Artists
WHERE: Chicago, USA
DEADLINE: March 15, 2011
WHO: Artists

Theme | In My Own Backyard I Can See The World, the theme of this project, is purposefully vague. Our goal is for artists to creatively interpret the theme in their own way.

Sponsorship | In My Own Backyard I Can See The World is a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts. In 2010 partial funding was provided by the Zhou-B. Art Center and was an accepted project for Chicago Artist Month, Our City, and Our Studio

Organization Description | A.R.G is a project-based organization, which connects artists and communities who are interested in communication and collaboration on a global scale. The mission of A.R.G is to utilize the personal or local act of art making in combination with global relationships and communication technology. A.R.G’s aim is to create dialog, strengthen understanding, and support awareness of social, political and aesthetic concerns through creative practice.

Project Description | Launched in May 2010, In My Own Backyard I Can See The World brings artists from around the world together in their studios, through communication technology and social networking platforms.

In phase two selected artists will come together in a collective group on-line; to get acquainted though blog posts, Facebook, Skype, email etc. Within the group, each will find one or more artist to collaborate with. This artist(s) may have similar interests, work in a similar style or genre, or be someone who will challenge personal ideas and inspire one’s creative practice in a totally unexpected direction. Since this is an exciting and dynamic process of interaction, everyone involved will need to be committed and active in his or her communication within the group. Each pair or group of artists will have their own category in the A.R.G. blog.

An exhibition will take place in Chicago in the fall of 2011 and will travel internationally. To date, we have had offers for exhibitions in South Africa, Norway and Vienna and Singapore.

Symposium | We are working diligently to seek funding to bring international artists to Chicago for a symposium. Artists will continue work with their partners(s), tour cultural institutions, museums and galleries in Chicago, participate in workshops or panels in cultural organizations or community setting and be exposed to galleries owners and curators prominent in the vibrant Chicago Art scene.

Expectations from Artists Who Are Selected | Have web access, a Facebook page and Skype account for ease of communication. To be interactive with the artists you are collaborating with.
Post progress, thoughts, images, sketches, and snippets of conversations on the web blog a minimum of two times a month. This can be an individual or collective post from your group or both.  If English is not your first language you can post in your native language with a link to Google translate.
Share the website and blog posts on all of your social networks.
Be respectful of deadlines. At times we will ask you for statements or photos for features on the website or for press information. It is important to provide this information when asked to enhance the project and your visibility as a contributor to the project.
Serve on one committee of your choice. As a collective group we have access to many different skill sets. The more skills we can utilize the better for everyone! Details will be provided if you are selected and ”the committee” will not be a tedious experience.

Submission Guidelines | In My Own Backyard I Can See the World, is currently seeking artists from the USA and Internationally. Any location as long as you feel you can meet the expectations outlined above.

All Visual Art mediums will be considered: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation, Film, Video, Photography and Performance, or any combination. Musicians, Writers, and Dancers will also be considered if you are open to collaboration with a visual artist(s).

For application instructions, please click here.

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