Sunday, January 30, 2011

Open call for spring residencies at Arquetopia

WHAT: 2011 Arquetopia Artist-in-Residence
WHERE: La Paz Puebla, Mexico
DEADLINE: May 2, 2011
WHO: Emerging, mid-career and established artists

The duration of residency varies from 6 to 16 weeks long, from January through June and from September through December; and 2 to 4 weeks long from July through August.
The dates for residency are fixed by mutual agreement between the artist and Arquetopia’s staff.
Artists may apply for residency in one of two categories:

Emerging artists| Open to artists 18 years of age & up, residencies in this category are designed for artists in the early stages of their career, interested in exploring new techniques and devoting 3 to 4 weeks focusing on a new body of work.
Application is especially open to those who have recently completed BFA or MFA programs.
Although there are no specific requirements for residencies in this category, artists are encouraged to set goals in terms of the international experience and their work.

Mid-career & Established artists | 
Open to artists over the age of 25, residencies in this category are designed for artists with an established career.
Artists applying for participation in this category shall have already had major exhibitions and their work included in important collections in their home country and/ or abroad.
The duration of residency varies from 6 to 16 weeks and is geared toward the creation of permanent piece.
A minimum of 5 years of professional experience is required for participation in residencies from this category.
Arquetopia offers 5 types of residencies:

+ Cultural exchange residency (2-3 weeks)

+ Teaching residency (4-6 weeks)

+ Artistic production residency (6-16 weeks)

+ Public art residency (4-16 weeks)

+ Combined residency (8-16 weeks)
Each residency is unique, based on the type of residency and the artist’s proposal. Finalists are chosen on the basis of artistic merit and evaluation of the proposed project.
The degree of economic support offered by the foundation will be contingent on the scope of the project, consideration of the addressed theme, artistic innovation, student’s involvement and impact on the community.

How to apply:


flat said...

this application link doesn't seem to work. can someone check?

Laura Anca said...

Link is now fixed. Thank you for letting us know.
—Laura (Anca)

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