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Centre SAGAMIE – Call for proposals for 2011

WHAT: Artist Residencies, Publications & Exhibitions
WHERE: Québec, Canada
DEADLINE: January 31, 2011
WHO: Artists and curators

These production residencies aim to give artists proactive support in developing new work, producing innovative artistic projects, and integrating digital production tools in the wide spectrum of their art practice. Artists whose practice is engaged with the contemporary image are invited to submit residency projects requiring digital image manipulation in contemporary art and large-format digital printing.

Artists are hosted for intensive periods of creative production and are given expert support in their explorations by an attentive specialized team of technicians/artists in an extensive digital lab that includes four large-format digital printers. By providing artists a privileged moment of reflection, these residencies allow them to refresh their art and their skills, to develop new languages from a current, relevant digital vocabulary, to bring forward their ideas and proposals in an unbridled creative process.

Artists, authors and curators are invited to submit their book projects. Our editorial program has divided the publications into three categories:

A) Artist books
We approach the book as a work of art in itself. Thus, we offer artists publishing residencies by which they may appropriate the text, the images, and the layout as a combined space of creativity and dissemination. We invite artists to reinvent the book as an autonomous space which they may invest with their cross-disciplinary practices, slippages of meaning, and creative hybridizations.

B) Monographs
We also publish detailed monographs on the work of visual artists, documenting the world of contemporary art. Our publications promote the production of poetically creative works, establishing a dialogue with the featured works, and essays on contemporary art which contribute to critical analysis, theoretical research and public discussion.

C) Books on Contemporary Art
Complementing our editorial policy are books that make major contributions to an artistic discipline or to themes and issues in contemporary art. By bringing together specialized authors and artists around a given research field, these works strive to enrich critical thought and to advance understanding of contemporary art.

Artists and curators are invited to submit exhibition projects. The Centre SAGAMIE will publish a color book to accompany each exhibition. Artists will be remunerated according to the CARFAC/RAAV fee schedule. The exhibition hall is spacious (floor space: 50’x30’, (15mx9m); ceiling: 11’, (3.4m)) and is located in downtown Alma.

Our exhibition centre is favoring the cross-pollination of practices, the exploration of the image and the contexts of its integration. We produce exhibitions that sustain the creative process, exploration, and risk-taking, facilitate reflection and the emergence of new discourses, and broaden public understanding. SAGAMIE actively supports the productions that are mounted and presented in its spaces. Artists, aided by our technicians, are offered several preliminary residencies spread over a period of a year or more to develop these new works.


1- Indicate clearly at the top of your proposal which program you are applying for (Programs: 1- Artist-in-residences; 2- Publications; 3- Exhibitions.).
2- Indicate clearly at the top of your proposal whether you are over or under 35 years of age*.
3- Project description (maximum: 1 page).
4- Artistic statement (maximum: 1 page).
5- Curriculum vitae (maximum : 3 pages).
6- Visual documentation**: images printed on standard size paper.
7- Publications: collaborators on the project, if any (authors, other); description of collaborators; curriculum vitae of collaborators; sample texts.
8- If you wish your proposal to be returned, include SAS envelope.
9- Proposals received by e-mail will not be accepted.

Proposals must be postmarked before January 31, 2011 and sent to :
50, rue St-Joseph
C.P. 517
Alma, Québec
G8B 5W1

Emerging artists (35 years and under) are at the centre of much of the centre’s activities and will be evaluated within their peer group by the programming committee in order to facilitate the integration of the new generation of artists into the network of independent artists’ centers.

Note that you are now required to submit the entire proposal printed on standard size paper: curriculum vitae, artistic statement, project description, and especially the visual documents. It is very important that you print all the images submitted in support of your proposal. Each page may include one or several images, and project information may accompany each image. Please submit videos on DVD and, please have some images from the video printed on paper in order to allow the programming committee quicker access to your visual documents.

Help us make the work of the Centre SAGAMIE more widely known: please forward this site to artists and centers you are familiar with: www.sagamie.com

For more information, please contact Nicholas Pitre, at sagamie@cgocable.ca or call 418 662-7280

For more information, please visit: http://www.sagamie.com

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