Tuesday, December 28, 2010

360° – We and Everybody

WHAT: Mail Art Project
WHEN: April 2011
DEADLINE: February 20, 2011
WHO: Everyone

Pirjo Heino, Ralph Brancaccio and Karola Teschler have initiated the project titled 360° - We and Everybody for Here, There and Everywhere: The Art of Collaboration. This project will culminate with an exhibition at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

360° – We and Everybody is a project that encourages world citizens to think about the challenges, the efforts, the splendor and the richness in the diversity that makes our societies unique.  Pirjo, Ralph and Karola are asking people to work collectively in an artistic effort that furthers togetherness and reflects upon “The Greenhouse Effect."

You, your family and your friends are invited to participate in creating this work of art, bringing us closer together.  To participate, please mail a 5cm x 40cm (2"x 16") piece of cloth to one of the addresses below. Please write your name and country on the piece of fabric you are sending.

The artists will work together with students and volunteers to tie the strips together, end to end, while wrapping it around a ball containing a special message, as if creating a giant ball of yarn. When completed, the ball will hang freely from the ceiling at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Mail your piece of fabric to any of the following addresses:
1. Ralph Brancaccio, 15 Donnel Rd, Vernon, CT 06066-2705, USA
2. Pirjo Heino, Tahkapolku 6, FI-14300 Renko, Finland
3. Karola Teschler, Donnenberger Str. 23, D-42553 Velbert, Germany

Please email your questions to:
Ralph Brancaccio
Pirjo Heino
Karola Teschler 

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