Sunday, November 14, 2010


WHAT: Creative Residency in Paris
WHERE: Paris, France
WHEN: June 20 to July 29, 2011
WHO: Artists

An Exchange Between Artists, Designers, Writers and Curators

Emerging artists, designers, writers, and curators are invited to consider how their practice could be developed within the structure of a 6-week residency in Paris. The residency’s aim is to enhance the individual’s independent practice by providing them with the space, guidance, and resources necessary to fully investigate a defined project. Residents are assigned an individual studio: in addition they have access to the ceramics, welding, woodworking and mold-making workshops, photography studio and darkroom, printmaking facility, fashion atelier, computer lab and an in–house gallery. Visiting professional artists, designers, curators, and writers will engage with residents via lectures, critiques, and workshops. Visits to museum and contemporary exhibition and cultural spaces in and around Paris will be organized to complement and enrich residents’ creative development.

Unlike the other Summer Programs, the Creative Residency is by application and candidates must submit a statement of intent as well as examples of their work to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Registrations for the Creative Residency will begin November 15th 2010.

To read more about this residency, see Res Artis:[showUid]=1543
Parsons Paris School School of Art and Design:

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Lauren said...

Wanted to thank you for this blog, for making, so generously, this information available to artists. Especially appreciated your information about the opportunities to practice and share art in Ghana.

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