Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cyber Feast III—Call for Participation

WHAT: Cyber Feast III—Call for Participation
WHERE: Boston, USA and online
WHEN: 2010-2011
WHO: Artists and creative thinkers worldwide

The public arts initiative Serve and Project, run by artists Lisa Link and Io Palmer, is looking for participants in the Cyber Feast III.

Cyber Feast III aims to:
1. Create artwork that responds to the cultural practice surrounding the production and consumption of food.
2. Bring artists and project creators together for the Cyberdinner, where ideas are to be shared and explored. Fall/Winter 2010
3. Connect artists through The Art of Collaboration, an online project to be presented at the 2011 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: The Interconnected World, and as part of a group exhibition at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The work will explore what it means to create along side strangers, and the challenges in building creative relationships through skype, chat, email or blogging.
4. Celebrate food and the varied relationships we have with food.

How to participate in Cyber Feast III:
1.Creatively interpret one food dish that has personal, social or political significance to you, your family or your community. Your interpretation can be in any medium, from drawing to video and performance, or the actual preparation of a recipe.
2. Post the documentation of your piece—video or photography—to our Cyber Feasts blog: A potluck diner will be organized where each dish/artwork will be presented as part of a creative, collaborative, and global meal.
3. Create several napkin drawings to document this process. For the physical part of the exhibition, we are asking participants to create several drawings on napkins as visual documentation of their projects. We will provide prepaid envelopes for you to mail us your napkins. For images of past napkin drawings visit:
4. All participants will be listed with on Please make sure to provide us with your website or blog address. We encourage all participants to connect and exchange ideas with each other.

Cyber Feast III Dates:
October 15th, 2010: Food art projects finished and posted to blog
October 20th, 2010: Napkins mailed to Serve & Project
October and November 2010: Skype dates TBA

Cyber Feast Venues:
Cyber Feast will be presented at the 2011 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: The Interconnected World, and included in an exhibition at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This project will also be featured in Here, There and Everywhere, The Art of Collaboration, a physical and virtual catalogue published by TransCultural Exchange. To see examples of past catalogues, please go to

Past Cyber Feasts:
Cyber Feast III is third in a series. For images of past creative projects and napkins please visit:

For more information, please contact Lisa Link and Io Palmer at

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