Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Penang International Print Exhibition 2010

WHAT: Second Penang International Print Exhibition 2010
WHERE: Malaysia
WHEN: 30 June 2010 (deadline); 16 September to 15 October 2010
WHO: Printmaking artists from around the world

Penang State Museum and Art Gallery together with The School of the Arts, University Sains Malaysia (USM) will hold the Second International Penang Printmaking Exhibition at The Penang State Art Gallery as well as at The Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, from 16 September to 15 October 2010.
Participation to the exhibition is open to all printmaking artists from around the world. Each artist may submit a maximum of four prints.
Participation is free of charge, each artist must donate at least one print to our permanent collection.
All form and variations of two-dimensional printmaking techniques are acceptable.
The size of the paper may not be smaller than 20 x 30 cm and not larger than 60 x 80 cm.

Submission Deadline:
 30 June 2010

More information and contact:
2nd Penang International
Printmaking Exhibition 2010
c/o Rahman Mohamed
School of the Arts

University Sains Malaysia

11800 Penang


Information collected from the Nafas Art Magazine

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