Tuesday, February 16, 2010

André Kertész Photography Competition 2010

WHAT: André Kertész Photography Competition 2010
WHERE: Hungary
WHEN: 6 June 2010 (deadline)
WHO: photographers

This year the André Kertész Photography Competition (AKPC) of the Szigetbecse Foundation welcomes photos about the following two themes to commemorate the artistic legacy of André Kertész, and to mark the European Year of Combating Social Exclusion and Poverty, and the Darwin Anniversary:

1. Social exclusion and poverty and
2. The world of animals

Eligibility: AKPC is open to all, in three categories - amateur, professional and youth (under 15).
Submission material:
- maximum three A4-sized hardcopy photographic prints per theme can be submitted per person. There is no technical specification.
- a separate piece of paper with the title (in Hungarian or English) of the photo, the date and place it was taken, the theme and the category, the photographer's name, contact details - address, phone number and email.
- submission fee per theme: professional category: 3.000.- Ft /12 euro amateur: 2.000.-Ft./10 euro youth: 1000.-Ft /5 euro

The photographers retain the copyright of their submitted photos. The submitted photographic prints remain the property of the Szigetbecse Foundation. Winners are awarded prizes in all three categories, in both themes, and an exhibition opens from selected submissions.

The AKPC Award ceremony and the exhibition launch is at 6pm, 3rd July 2010, Szigetbecse André Kertész Photography Day, Petőfi Sándor Cultural Centre, Szigetbecse, Hungary.

Submissions should be sent to:
Szigetbecse Polgármesteri Hivatal 2321
Petőfi Sándor u. 34

email: kerteszandre@gmail.com

The names of the winners and the winning photographs will be published on the website: www.szigetbecse.hu

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