Monday, December 21, 2009

Associazione Ariella Vidach - A.i.E.P.

WHAT: Associazione Ariella Vidach - A.i.E.P.
WHERE: Italy
WHEN: December 31 2009 (Duration: 12 days, not consecutive)
WHO: National/International; Dance, Film, Performing Arts

AiEP is a cultural association, whose members are artistic researchers active in the field of dance, video, computer and interactive art. The main focus is to experiment, explore and develop a new methodology capable of creating an interaction and coexistence between different media, within one specific project.

AiEP is promoting NAO - Nuovi Autori Oggi, a 2 year program (2010 - 2011) of interdisciplinary workshops and residencies focused on relations between live arts and other artistic languages, aimed at producing multimedia projects to be presented in Italy and abroad.

Paid by host:
NAO will offer 3 productive residencies in 2 years, dance studio for practice and rehearse, techical equipment, artistic and technical support, promotion material, participation to laboratoies and workshops.

Application Criteria:
Open to performers, dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, designers, computer operators, directors, video-makers, not older than 35 and well trained in their specific field of interest, willing to attend a multidisciplinary productive project. Please check the website for details about application.

Application address:
Associazione Ariella Vidach - A.i.E.P.DiDstudio, c/o La Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 420154 Milano


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