Friday, December 18, 2009

Appelboom La Pommerie

WHAT: Appelboom La Pommerie
WHERE: France
WHEN: 20 January 2010 (Duration: 6 weeks-3 months)
WHO: International; Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Multi Media, Music, Sculpture, Theater


Appelboom particularly focuses on the link between the artistic project and the territory. The association favors cross-disciplinary projects and invites artists with various practices: architects, designers, visual artists, landscape gardeners, video-makers… The residencies offer to artists the possibility to continue their artistic process, to develop researches and experimentations in a context of dialogue, exchange, encounters and network. Each residency issues in a public presentation of the work produced.

In 2010, Appelboom offers one residency dedicated to sound art (1 residency/year). The residency addresses artists whose works are concerned with territory and who use sound media: music, sound installation and cross-boundaries projects. A project can be the collaboration of two artists maximum.

Technical Information
120 m2 of exhibition space. No specific technical equipment is available on the site. The staff helps the artists to find the necessary equipment to hire (this expense will be at the artist's charge). Internet access is available.

Studio Information
80 m2 studio (the studio and the apartment can be shared)
Accommodation Information Apartment with two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

Paid by host
Accommodation, shared studio space, a grant of 1.500 Euro for artistic fees. A second grant planned for the production is calculated according to the project. Communication charges (openings, publishing, catalogs, mailing…) will be at the expense of Appelboom.

Paid by artist
Expenses for transport and meals.

The Plateau de Millevaches offers a reflection framework adapted to experimentation, development and crossed contemporary art practices. This geographical area, which peaks between 700 and 1000 meters high, is located in the Natural Regional Park and covered with forest and heath. Timber and farming industries are the main economical activities in this area where the population density is quite low.

As the residency location is quite isolated, it is highly recommend to have a car.

Application address:
La Pommerie


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