Friday, July 12, 2013

Electricity is Magic Gallery

Call for Entries
Electricity is Magic (EiM) was founded in 2009 by Eric Powell and Matt Griffin, primarily as a vehicle to release their own experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. Quickly, however, it grew to be a curatorial project, and, since late 2009, EiM have been putting on art and performance events throughout North America.

EiM has expanded and will be presenting gallery shows at its (semi-)permanent home at the EiM Gallery, located at 715 Richmond St. W. in Toronto, ON.

The aim of the gallery space is to continue to present works that don’t necessarily fit comfortably within a traditional gallery context. Artists will be given the challenge of presenting work which engages with or reacts to the living space of the apartment. They are particularly interested in work which employs some aspect of technological mediation, but not necessarily as the impetus for the piece. They are also interested in slow art, which not only requests, but often demands, and always reminds us of the pleasure in sustained viewing of a particular work.

Call for works is ongoing and they invite submissions from individual artists, collectives, or curators to submit proposals for the EiM Gallery. Their space is non-traditional, and as such, they have some unique parameters for artists to contend with.

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