Friday, March 1, 2013

The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences Residency

Call for Applications

Apply from March 1st through April 15th for the September through December residency period.

Hambidge is the oldest artists' residency program in the Southeast, and one of the oldest in the nation. Founded in 1934 by Mary Crovatt Hambidge, on 600 acres of pristine forest in the Northeast Georgia mountains, we provide artists and other creative thinkers with the setting, solitude and time.

Specific equipment avaiable to residents includes: ceramics/pottery (large, electric kiln, raku, wood, cone ten reduction; soda kiln under construction; electric and kick wheels, slab roller and extruder); music studio with Steinway grand piano; spacious painting studios with wall space and great lighting; sculpture studio (no special equipment); and writing studios (spacious, scenic, and secluded with private screened-in porches). Artists in sculpture, blacksmithing, jewelry making, woodworking, and other disciplines must bring machinery and tools.

All new applicants will automatically be considered for the NEA Fellowship which provides a $700 stipend and waives the $400 residency fee for two week residencies. This is offered to the nine top scoring candidates.

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