Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Join the Global Arts Renaissance

Call for Artists

Artists, Musicians, and Creative People from over 97 countries are initiating a global renaissance of art, music and performance on Dec 20, 2012* to express their visions for a better world and to help life change, for the better.

Join the Global Arts Renaissance; sign up to share your vision of a better world by going to

Your creative project will be shared through websites, radio, television, newspapers and a network of over half a million people in every region of the globe.

*Dec 20th is the day before the Mayan calendar predicts a global shift towards a more humane society. A Big Project is using this day as a rallying point, and does not endorse the prediction as true or false. But by uniting to express all of our visions for a better world on a day when people everywhere are talking about global transformation, the aim is to have the collective power to help life change.

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