Friday, May 25, 2012

Dave Bown Projects 4th Semiannual Competition


The initiatives of the privately held U.S. company focus on advancing the field of contemporary art by engaging in scholarly research and distributing unrestricted monetary awards to visual artists.
$10,000 USD (1 artist will receive $5,000 and 5 artists will each receive $1,000).
In addition to the cash prizes listed above; Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art, on an ongoing basis, from select artists as submissions are received. All styles and media are eligible.
The top 25 artists will be selected by the jurors and featured under Competitions on the Dave Bown Project website. Each artist will have their own page that will feature an image, caption information, and a link to their website. Artists will retain the copyright to their images. Dave Bown Projects will not handle the sale of your work. All inquiries will be forwarded to the artist and/or the artist's gallery.
A non-refundable entry fee is required with your submission. There are no additional fees.

Currently the Dave Bown Projects network reaches over 100,000 people who are committed to the visual arts. Tens of thousands of subscribers (artists, collectors, curators, galleries, museums, writers) will receive an email announcement, and have incorporated a "Share" button on each page of the website so that you and everyone else will be able to share content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Each of the artists from the previous competitions receives thousands of views on this website. Dave Bown Projects also produces a press release (click here to view the previous press release) and organizes opportunities for dialogue (e.g., interviews, lectures, screenings).

30 June 2012, 11:59 p.m. EST
The list of 25 artists, images, caption information, and press release will be posted on 15 July 2012 under Competitions on this website. And the 6 prize recipients will receive a phone call.
Entry Fee:
A non-refundable entry fee is required with your submission. There are no additional fees.
4 images for $40
8 images for $60
16 images for $80

Dave Bown
tel: (917) 365-5265

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