Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Faena Award

Open Call

Source: Art Nexus
Where: Argentina, Buenos AiresThe Faena Group announced the call for participation in its new Faena Award. The call is open to individual artists and collectives from around the world, who create art by relying on several artistic disciplines—installation, sculpture, painting, etc.—technology, and design; and who, consequently, strive to redefine the canonical boundaries that have perhaps inhibited certain artistic projects in the past. Candidates must submit their applications no later than July 6 of this year. The results will be announced on the 12 of the same month. The winning artist or collective will receive a purse of $25,000.00 USD, plus up to $50,000.00 USD to finance the creation of a site-specific project. The completed work will be exhibited during the month of March, 2013, at the Molinos exhibition hall of the Faena Arts Center. According to of the event organizers, the site-specific aspect of the work is of the outmost importance, as it speaks of the artist(s) desire "to establish a dialog, not solely with the monumental architecture of the ancient mill that houses the center, but also with the cultural and urban conditions that shape our immediate context." Additionally, two Special Mentions will be awarded, each with a purse of $500.00 USD.

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