Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Face the World – Global Portrait Party: Eclipse Mill Edition"

Call for Participants

Project: ‘Face the World – Global Portrait Party: Eclipse Mill Edition.’

Join the party at the gallery of the Eclipse Mill, in North Adams, on Sunday, May 6, from 2-5 pm. Here, artists and non artists are being invited to participate.

Long distance participation is encouraged as well. Paint a portrait of a friend between now and May 6, or make a portrait in any medium of your choice, and email a jpeg to
astrid_hiemer@yahoo.com. (Please include the names of the artist and the friend.)

The portrait parties started in Toronto, Canada and are being planned globally with ‘Friend Me Projects’ (FMP) and are Facebook based. This event will be the first party held outside of Canada. All portraits will eventually be uploaded to the FMP-website.

Artists can also participate in other ways. Please email
astrid_hiemer@yahoo.com, if you are interested to learn more, or read the attached articles at BerkshireFineArts.com.

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