Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The I-Park Residency Program

Call for Applications

• The program is offered free of charge to accepted/invited applicants, though there is a $30 application processing fee.

• I-Park provides a private bedroom, private studio, artists’ meal program (most, though not all, food is provided) and some shared amenities: library, Common Area, inviting artists’ kitchen, wireless internet.

• The only major cost to the artist is transportation to and from the area (if you’re not driving, you get a pick up at the beginning of the session and a drop-of at the end at a Connecticut airport or bus/train station).

• Four $750 travel grants in 2012 will be offered to international artists who’ve been offered residencies by their respective selection juries (separate, subsequent competitive process conducted by the grant committee).

• I-Park supports and has separate selection panels in the following disciplines:
– Music Composition/Sound Sculpture
– Visual Arts (including sculpture, environmental art,
installation, memorial art)
– Moving Image (including video and film art, documentary,
animation, virtual reality, game/interactive art)
– Landscape/Garden Design
– Creative Writing

• The typical residency session has a 4-week duration, with a limited number of 2-week residencies offered. Official residency season runs from May through November with off-season sessions in April and December (see FAQ for explanation).

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