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Call for Proposals

Deadline January 15, 2012

For the show “A Burnt-Out Case?” at the NGBK from 09/01 to 10/14/2012, we therefore invite artists, artists’ groups, activists and interdisciplinary projects to cast a view from the future back to the present and create complex perspectives on burnout – not only as an individual but above all as a social symptom. We are looking for disturbing, contrary, illogical, associative positions and strategies that evade appropriation and victim discourses and instead describe a utopian and fictitious future. Will we still be familiar with burnout in the year 2062, and how will the exhausted society of 2012 be remembered? Are there signs of learning from the effects of neoliberal work models? What kind of alternative concepts exist?

We are interested in positions that approach the theme of burnout in an associative manner or reflect on own subjective viewpoints.

What we find exciting in this context are politically motivated statements, poetic views,and process-related forms of work that are further developed during the course of the exhibition or that directly deal with artistic production. Participatory strategies, performative approaches, and works intervening in public space are just as welcome as classical forms of expression. One focus of the show is on the perspective of artists and creatives in their precarised surroundings: Particularly in the arts business we discern the willingness to at all times do the utmost and enable what appears unworkable.

The jury’s decision will be presented by 31 March, 2012. The selected artists will receive up to 1,400 euros incl. VAT (fee and material) to realise their work, which they will present at the NGBK Berlin from 09/01 to 10/14/2012.

Neue Gesellschaft für Kunst Bildende e.V.
Grupo de estudio "Un caso quemados?"
Oranienstraße 25
D 10999 Berlin

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