Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Center for the Holographic Arts Residency

Call for Applications

Deadline 25 November 2011

The Center for the Holographic Arts is proud to introduce a new era of the Artist Residency Program.

Through these residencies over 50 artists have been assisted to develop their holography skills and produce artwork that has been shown in museums and galleries around the world. With the move of our Pulse Laser Studio to a newly constructed facility at Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, Ohio, USA, we can now offer a unique opportunity for artists starting in 2012. The program offers both experienced holographic artists the opportunity to produce artwork and an introductory residency for artist who wish to incorporate holography into their practice.

Introduction to Pulse Laser Holography
1 week (The first residency will be offered in early-mid March 2012)
During this hands-on workshop four artists will have the opportunity to learn how to create holographic images. The introduction will include using the pulse laser ‘camera’ to record master holograms and using an optical table with a continuous wave laser to transfer images into a holographic print.

Holographic Artist Residency
2 – 3 weeks (Date to be negotiated after acceptance)
This residency gives the artist (or collaborating team) access to the pulse laser ‘camera’ and continuous wave transfer table to make a holographic artwork. The project can focus on creating pulse masters or 1 – 2 pulse masters with reflection or transmission transfers. The pulse laser can image a volume ~ 3′ cubed. For the transfers we currently have 11 x 14 ” plate holders and a 4 x 12 ‘ table available.

What is provided
Artists will have assistance and access to the Holography Laboratories including the Pulse Laser Studio at OSU. Holographic film and chemistry will be provided.

Artists will need to meet the cost of accommodation, travel and any other material required for their project. A letter of support will be provided to artists who wish to apply for grant assistance with these expenses.

During the residency artists will be expected to give a talk about their art practice to the students at OSU and engage with holography students.

Before applying all artists should have a basic knowledge of holography, either through taking a workshop or by researching how to make holograms. Artists with limited experience making holograms should apply for the Introduction to Pulse Laser Holography. Artist who have produced holograms and have a concept for a holographic artwork should apply for the Holographic Artist Residency

Up to 3 pages, PDF file, labeled with “YourName.pdf”

- Contact details, Artist Bio/CV and up to three URLs showing recent work or Images of your work with descriptions.
For the Introduction to Pulse Laser Holography also include:
- Why you want to explore holography and how this relates to your art practice.
For the Holographic Artist Residency also include:
- Proposed project summary (images & diagrams are great).

Submit application
Email PDF to info@holocenter.org by 25 November 2011
Please indicate which residency you are applying for in the subject line.


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