Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIKILOOT: a Wikileaks inspired text archive

Open for Applications

Opening: Sep. 01, 2011
Location: Stockholm/Sweden
Participate Deadline: Sep. 01, 2011
Type: Online Exhibition
Category: Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Drawing...

You are encouraged to submit creative work to be included in a new online exhibition that valeveil is developing, titled WIKILOOT, which intends to collect and archive critical and/or creative writing responses to one or more Wikileaks web link(s) of one’s choice, alongside the written responses of other contributors. You are encouraged to take advantage of this unusual window period to seize and pillage the Wikileaks website(s).

A more detailed project description here.

WIKILOOT Submission Guidelines

Send submission materials and related inquiries to: submit [at] valeveil [dot] se

Please provide your name and project title (e.g., WIKILOOT) in the subject line, providing full contact information in the body of your message.

Text submissions should be sent as .doc, .rtf, or .pdf attachments – include .pdf if particular about formatting.

It is suggested that text submissions be in the 1,000-5,000 word range, in English and/or Swedish.

If images are needed, please include six or less image files (high-resolution .jpg or .png). Name image files accordingly: lastname_title_imagenumber.jpg (e.g., smith_apocalypse_01.jpg).

It is suggested that large files are sent via Dropbox or Yousendit.

Additional required information:

(1) 300 words or less artist bio;

(2) title;

(3) exact link(s) or mirrored link(s) which can be accessed here: which prove relevant to your text response;

(4) specific excerpts/quotes highlighted from your chosen link(s), if needed for clarity.

Optional information: personal website and artist links (e.g., blog/Facebook/twitter).

Note: All submissions are posted in the order that they are accepted and promptly, taking into account the fragility of the Wikileaks site.

Do not hesitate to contact valeveil regarding questions/concerns related to WIKILOOT or other ongoing projects. We hope to hear from you!

Contact Jacquelyn Davis

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