Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cool Silicon art arward 2011

Application period: July 1st - August 14th 2011

The Cool Silicon Art Award is asking for artistic future-bound answers for this global and social relevant topic and is endowed with €10,000.

The very first Cool Silicon Art Award 2011 wants to encourage the intensive dialog between the fields of Art and Technology.

National and international artists of all media are called to deal with the topics and the vision of the Leading-Edge Cluster “Cool Silicon” in an artistic way.

Leading-Edge Cluster “Cool Silicon”

In the Leading-Edge Cluster “Cool Silicon”, more than 100 companies, universities, and research institutions focused on research, development and production within the micro- and nanotechnology industry in the high-tech region Silicon Saxony in Saxony, Germany, are working together to limit the worldwide energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, thus enabling further technological and social progress.

The focus is set on the conflict between the worldwide rapidly increasing energy consumption of the ICT sector and the associated global climatic consequences for a steadily growing world population.

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Cool Silicon
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