Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cologne International Video Art Festival

Call for Entries

Cologne International Video art Festival is featuring for its nomadic festival project Cologne OFF (2011/2012) – video art in a global context from January 2011 – 31 December 2012, two new thematic calls:

1. Football – Soccer – Fuss ball
In 2012, in Poland and Ukraine the “European Football Championships”
will be held showing once again how deeply rooted football (US- soccer)
is in the contemporary society.
For experimental films and video art – dealing with:
–> football (soccer) as an artistic topic,
–> the enthusiasm people all over the world is encouraging,
but also not to forget
–> phenomenons like hooligans, violence or drugs.
Football is a complex social phenomenon which is more than worth to be reflected in new forms of contemporary art.

2. Let’s Save the World !?
2011 was the year when people all over the world became aware again
how vulnerable nature, but also the human species are.
Let’s Save the World!? – is the theme of a special selection dealing with questions related to environmental issues & sustainability, social & global responsibility and much more.

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