Sunday, June 12, 2011

re•mode control: rethinking the idea of remote

A two-day international colloquium to take place on Fogo Island on June 24 and 25. The gathering will focus on the idea of the ‘remote’, primarily as it relates to the creation, presentation and reception of contemporary art in non-urban contexts.

On the evening of June 23rd at 7pm the opening of three new studios will take place and participants are invited to attend this event as well.

The participants will traverse the islands with formal and informal discussions happening at all times.
It will include presentations by artists, curators, hunters, critics, laypersons, writers and researchers from the province and other parts of Canada, North America, Europe and Asia. A wide range of issues related to contemporary art and the creative industries will be discussed.
The colloquium will greatly encourage participation and engagement from the audience, local residents and ‘strangers’ alike.

The idea is to address fundamental and controversial questions like:
What are the reasons to make art, who makes it and whom is it for?
Do artists need residencies away from their base, or do they not have a choice?
Should the geographical and cultural location of an art project matter in any way?

The list of those who have been invited to participate is not complete but includes: Kitty Scott, head of Visual Arts at the Banff Centre, Canada; Nicolaus Schafhausen, director/curator at Witte de With in Rotterdam/Netherlands Angela Antle, artist/writer Newfoundland; Teresa Gleadowe editor/curator UK; Tom McDonough critic/writer US; aladin, strategic counsel to the Arts Corp, UK; Marc Mayer director NAG, Canada; Robert Sirman director CCA; Mary Lewis filmmaker Newfoundland; Siddhartha Das designer,India.

Participants will be drawn from all sections of the population of the islands, with the addition of individuals and professionals traveling into the colloquium, visiting artists and filmmakers participating in the Residency and Production Programs, as well as representatives from government departments and cultural organizations.
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