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Residency in Iceland

WHAT: Baer Art Center Residency Program
WHERE: Hofdastrond, Iceland
WHEN: Summer 2011
DEADLINE: February 1, 2011
WHO: Established visual artists and architects

The summer residency program at Baer is open to professionally established visual artists and architects. Emerging artists and architects of promise are also welcome to apply. There are five private studio apartments, each accommodating one guest.

Residency Setup
Baer Art Center is a summer residency only. 
Every fourth summer, starting with the summer of 2010, Baer Art Center will operate an alternative art and cultural program.  
No formal residency sessions will be offered during the summer of 2010, 2014 and 2018.

Duration of Residency
Two sessions of four weeks in the summer months only, each beginning on Monday of week one and ending on Friday of week four. See application form for dates of each residency session.

Application Deadline

Applications and all supporting materials must be postmarked by February 1, annually.

Application Details

Each application must include:
+ Completed application form
+ Resume
+ Two letters of reference
+ 10 work samples on a CD, labeled with the applicant’s name
+ Work reference sheet, explaining work samples
+ Application fee

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee of $50, payable to Baer Art Center, is charged to cover handling and processing of applications. Fee must be submitted in the form of cash or certified check.


Each applicant must provide two sealed and signed references with his/her application. The references should be written by qualified individuals who are professionally affiliated with the applicant or very familiar with the applicant’s work. The references are confidential.

Work Sample Requirements

Work samples should be of work completed in the last two years.
Work samples should be submitted on a CD in jpeg format, labeled with artist’s name and accompanied by a work reference sheet indicating the title, date, dimensions and media of work. (Each sample should not exceed 3MB in file size).

Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated by a rotating panel of two professional artists, one architect and the art center director. In some instances, artists and architects are invited to participate in the residency program without submitting an application. Applicants will be notified before April 1 on the status of their application.

Applicant’s Responsibility

Travel cost, travel and accident insurance and all material costs are the responsibility of the applicant. Telephone expenses and own personal living expenses are also the responsibility of each guest during his/her stay at Baer.
Baer Art Center expects its guests to participate in a group project at the end of each residency session, to be shared with the art center staff and the local community.
The resident guests at Baer Art Center are encouraged to donate a piece of artwork for the center’s permanent collection.

Download Application Form

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