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WHAT: Residency Opportunity at the Kala Art Institute
WHERE: Berkeley, California, USA
WHEN: 2010/2011
DEADLINE: October 31, 2010 & January 31, 2011
WHO: Artists working with printmaking, photo-processes, bookmaking, or new media

Artists working in various printmaking techniques, photo-processes, book arts and digital media including sound/video production can apply to become an Artist-in-Residence at Kala Art Institute. Residency applications are accepted four times per year. Artists who apply for residency should be familiar with at least one of the media offered at Kala. Considerations for acceptance are conceptual creativity and technical knowledge. Kala encourages experimental uses of both traditional and new technologies, and their admixture.

Resident artists receive 24-hour access to the printmaking workshop and/or electronic media center; individual storage space; exhibition opportunities such as the Artists' Annual show in the Kala Gallery and possible exposure on Kala's website and in other exhibitions at Kala or outside exhibition spaces; and participation in a vital, international artistic community. Artists also receive a 20% discount on classes and private tutoring offered by Kala.

Please note that this is a studio residency only; housing is not included. Artists are responsible for finding their own housing.

Applications are reviewed four times per year. Artists may apply for 1-, 2-, or 3-month residencies, and must specify the desired residency length in the application. (6-month residencies also exist, but are only available to continuing and returning Artists-in-Residence who have done the 3-month Evaluative Review.)

Application deadlines: January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 of each year.

Kala offers "emergency" residencies to artists who find themselves in immediate need of studio space to complete a specific project. The residency may not exceed one month. The application process for the emergency residency is the same, except that you should disregard the application deadlines listed above and, if you are mailing your application, mark it with the words "Emergency Residency".

The application processes for local and out-of-area artists differ:
Bay Area artists:
Please submit a request, by mail or email, for an in-person portfolio review with the Artistic and Executive Directors. Submissions should be in the form of an application cover sheet (download here). Within a week following the application deadline, you will be contacted to schedule the portfolio review.

Artists living elsewhere:
Please submit the following by mail, to be reviewed by the Executive and Artistic Directors:
+ application cover sheet (download here)
+ resumé (include detailed information on your previous experience with the media you wish to use at Kala)
+ work samples (slides or a CD/DVD); maximum 20 works or 10 minutes of video
+ image list
+ artist statement
+ self-addressed envelope with correct return postage, for the return of your work samples

You will find out if you have been accepted approximately three weeks after the application deadline.

Artists who are accepted do an Initial Technical Review with the Studio and/or Electronic Media Center (EMC) Managers. The Managers sometimes require the artist to complete certain classes or technical tutorials before beginning the residency.

If this is the case, the artist is given a list of the classes/tutorials required. At this point the artist may accept or reject the offer of a residency.

If the offer is accepted, the artist completes the required conditions within a reasonable time frame (approximately 2 months), signs the residency contract, and pays a $100 security deposit and the first month's fee. The Studio and EMC Managers give the artist studio/equipment orientations.

A month into the residency, the artist meets with the Artistic Director, Studio Manager, and/or EMC Manager for a Mid-term Technical Review. This informal check-in is a time to bring up any technical problems you may be experiencing in the residency, and to discuss the progress of your work. (Not applicable to 1-month residencies.)

When the 3-month contract is complete, the artist meets with the Executive and Artistic Directors for a 3-month Evaluative Review. They discuss the residency from the standpoint of artistic achievement and the relevancy of the relationship between the artist and Kala. This is an opportunity for the artist to evaluate the services of Kala. At this point both Kala and the artist agree on whether the artist can continue with a 6-month residency. (Not applicable to 1- and 2-month residencies.)

At any time during the residency, the artist may fill out the AIR Feedback Form which is available online or in hardcopy. Residents should also feel free to bring up issues in-person with any of the staff. If we can't help with your concern, we will direct you to someone who can.

These below-market rates are made possible through generous donations from foundations and individuals.

1) $225 per month – 1, 2, or 3 Month Contract - Part-Time
– 3 days per week studio access
– donation of one sample of work done at Kala

2) $365 per month – 1 Month Contract - Full-Time
– 7 days per week studio access
– donation of one sample of work done at Kala

3) $150 per month - 6 Month Contract - Part-Time
– 3 days per week studio access
– available only to artists-in-residence who have completed 3 months of residency
– donation of one print to Kala's Archive per 6 month period; maximum two prints per year

Single-day rate
(available to former artists-in-residence only)
$100 per day (no storage space)

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