Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Announcement and Call for Participation

WHAT: CEMC/EMSAN/MusicAcoustica — Announcement and Call for Participation 
WHERE: Beijing, China
WHEN:  October 26-30, 2010
WHO: Composers, Music Writers, Sound Artists

THIRD CEMC/EMSAN Colloquium Day, 28 octobre 2010, MusicAcoustica Festival, Beijing

EMSAN — International Network of Electroacoustic Music Studies in East Asia

For the third consecutive year, an EMSAN colloquium will be organized in collaboration with CEMC and the MusicAcoustica Festival.

This year, the EMSAN/CEMC Day will revolve around two themes.

Theme 1: The Multiple Forms of Electroacoustic Music in Asia
The presentations will discuss practical, theoretical or aesthetical aspects of the multiple forms of electroacoustic music in Asia. The communications will later be published in the Electronic Proceedings of the EMSAN/CEMC Day.

Theme 2: Projects of Publications on Electroacoustic Music in Asia: Progress Reports
EMSAN has been asked to supervise two publication projects. The first will be a book published in English in the United States by Electronic Music Foundation. The second will be an issue of a professional journal, Contemporary Music Review, and will also be in English.

For these publication projects, there is now one correspondent editor per region/country who collects the texts and prepare the chapters, according to the decisions taken during the Second CEMC/EMSAN Day last year.

After the launch of the publication projects last year, the meeting will be the occasion of presenting progress reports of the NTNU EMSAN Database and of the Projects of Publications on Electroacoustic Music in Asia. The progress reports will be presented by prof. Huang for the database and by the regional editors for the publications.

This book will gather chapters relative to each participant country. Two themes are envisioned : 1) An historical account of the development of Electroacoustic Music in each country of region, and 2) questions of esthetics, musical thought and musical techniques relevant to each country or region. The chapters will be published in English but could also be included in publications in their original languages. If necessary, they could be written in their original language before being provided to Electronic Music Foundation in English.

The book is expected to appear in 2012 in the EMS Media book series of Electronic Music Foundation (New York).

The contributions for the professional journal will be of a different nature. They will focus on particular issues such as musical works, composers or specific musical trends. Care will be taken to balance contributions from the various countries and regions.

The EMSAN/CEMC Day Colloquium will take place during the MusicAcoustica Festival week (26-30 October 2010), Central Conservatory, Beijing, China.

Participation is free. To present a paper, please send a short abstract to : (in English or Chinese)

Also, send a photo and a short bio to: (in English and, if available, in Chinese)

Please send us your proposal as soon as possible so that we can include it in the Festival brochure. Thank you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Beijing for the Festival and the EMSAN/CEMC Day Colloquium.

ZHANG Xiao-Fu and Marc BATTIER


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