Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SÍM Residency

WHAT: SÍM Residency
WHERE: Reykajvík, Iceland
WHEN:  2010
DEADLINE: September 1, 2010
WHO: Visual artists — all media

The SÍM Residency program was initiated in 2002 by SÍM, the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. It has three spaces in Reykjavík, offering thirteen studio spaces for artists participating in the residency program, along with numerous studios available for SÍM members.

The residency is generally for one to three months, but longer residencies are possible by arrangement. The application deadlines are twice a year, on March and September 1st. Artists interested in coming to SIM for a residency at a shorter notice are encouraged to contact us about availability.

The residency fee ranges from € 250 to € 450 and it includes: accommodation with shared kitchen and bathing facilities, studio space, internet access, and one set of bed linens and towels. The artists have to cover the cost of travel, food, art supplies and shipping of artwork.

For inquiries about the residency program please write to residency@sim.is.
To apply for the residency please send us the completed application form, along with a CV,  a short description of your project, and images of your artwork.

For more details please visit the Res Artis web page for SÍM at resartis.org/index.php and the SÍM web page at sim.is/Index/English/SIMRESResidency/.

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