Monday, July 5, 2010

Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program

WHAT: Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program
WHERE: Branik, Slovenia
DEADLINE: July 15th, 2010
WHEN: August 25 - September 8 2010
WHO: Painters

The Villa Flora Artist-in-Residence Program serve to promote creative exploration and exchange among persons of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The community of lively creators offers an inspirational and interactive setting for the Villa Flora Artist-In-Residence Program. It is suitable to painters who wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in a new environment. Each session eight Resident Artists of different nationalities and of painting discipline are selected by a committee of notable art professionals. Invitations to participate in the Program are awarded based on a record of excellence and commitment to the arts. Villa Flora Artist-In-Residence Program promotes exceptional talents - both recognized and emerging - on the international scene, through cooperation with major organizations and leaders in the arts worldwide.

Application form and more info:
Villa Flora Artist in Residency Program
Branik 176
Branik, Slovenia
tel. + 386 05 305 79 09

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