Tuesday, February 23, 2010


WHAT: Children's Art Labyrinth
WHERE: Finland
15 - 31 May 2010 (symposium); 28 February 2010(deadline)

WHO: national/international artists

Saksala ArtRadius has started to build an ART LABYRINTH in a neglected young forest of one hectare situated in front of the main building of the art centre.

In spring 2007 two artists (Irene Anton – Germany and Ulrika Sparre – Sweden) have made the main structure of the paths. The greenpart of the LABYRINTH has been opened for the public in May 2007. The other parts are still under construction and not open. The planning for, and realization of, the content of these parts has to be done during the coming years.

The LABYRINTH is an ongoing and growing art work with the contribution of national and international artists.

During summer 2007 different experiences with artists, story tellers, musicians and children’s activities were organized to test how the artists anticipate on the conditions of this unique area. One of the results of this research is the decision to create a special area for children in the LABYRINTH. It will give the possibility to integrate a children’s atmosphere in the LABYRINTH.

For the year 2010 art centre Saksala ArtRadius is making plans for this children’s area in the LABYRINTH. This will be a permanent CHILDREN’S LABYRINTH and is located in the blue part. It is separate from the green and redparts and it is possible to build up an own atmosphere in it.

Selected artists have:
- free lodging in the art center based on two persons a studio,
- free meals,
- compensation of the travel costs with a maximum of 150€ based on receipts
- a fee of 450€ paid after the symposium
- publication on the website

The proposal for the symposium has to be based on the idea that children will get an inviting and inspiring environment in which they safely can play and discover. The installations have to be constructed with the material available in the forest.

Artists can send an application to mail@saksala.org

The application has to include:
1. Artist CV
2. 2 - 5 images about works relevant for the application (maximum size 600x800 pixels 72 dpi)
3. description of the idea for the CHILDREN'S LABYRINTH
4. a signed guarantee that by selecting the artist will except the invitation and participate from May 15 until May 31 2010


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