Tuesday, February 16, 2010


WHERE: Mooste, Estonia
WHEN: 1 March 2010 (deadline for workshops and proposals); 16 - 21 August 2010
WHO: artists

AVAMAA is a 5 Day art symposium which includes: artistic workshops and artistic projects as well as a Day final exhibition and "Honey for the Ears" live concert and performance evening.

This year AVAMAA will be produced in cooperation with X-OP, a gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and cultural institutions with the aim to establish an European platform for the creation of art.

Keywords: Collaboration, Open Structures, Community, Site-Specific, Knowledge Sharing, Public Space, Experimental platforms

AVAMAA a multi-purpose, cross-discipline, mixed-media context-specific artistic and social event of creative interventions. AVAMAA encourages the exchange of ideas and the realization of short term artistic projects within a 6 day event. The concept of AVAMAA builds on the experiences of the previous MoKS symposium (known as PostsovkhoZ, that ran from 2001-2006), yet strives to adapt to the changing conditions in both the global and local context.

What to expect: The 6 day event, taking experiences from previous MoKS events, attempts to instigate cooperative activities between the local community and the temporary international artistic community. MoKS events have always encouraged cooperation of Estonian artists, the local community in the village of Mooste and artists from abroad. Involvement will become real through the planned places of activity (village central square, farm buildings, open spaces) workshops and projects (ex. joint workshops with children or village theater). AVAMAA challenges exclusionary culture through inclusive participation and challenges the role of the artist and their means and methods of creative expression.

The premise is to host workshops and projects that:
* Involve a certain number of the participants and/or people from the local community
* Relate to the context of Mooste either socially or environmentally (this can also be a prearranged site like the silo tower)
* contribute to the overall structure of the event (to make it more self-sustained). For general
participants and volunteers this can include practical things like helping with cooking and cleaning.
* experiment with forms of artistic and social collaboration between the different elements of the event (workshop and project leaders, volunteers, guest participants, villagers etc.)

The dates for AVAMAA 2010 are August 16-21. For these dates MoKS covers food and accommodation and travel costs within Estonia for artists leading projects and workshops.

Proposals must include a clearly written concept and plan for implementation including any required materials of budget costs.

Upon acceptance MoKS can assist with necessary invitation letters for artists requesting supplementary funding.

Mooste 64616
Põlva maakond

website: http://moks.ee & http://x-op.eu
email: moks@moks.ee

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