Friday, October 2, 2009


Bastille Design Center space on 74 Bd. Richard Lenoir, 75011, Paris, France
15 November 09 (deadline); 16-19 December 2009 (exhibition run)
Any interested artists

An invitation to participate in the 25th anniversary of Le Genie de la Bastille association in a creative and fun way:

Take a CD and its plastic jewel case and turn the cd/case/both into a piece of art.

Here are some simple of examples of how you may choose to transform your piece:
The jewel case can become a sort of glass mount for the « artwork » of the CD.
The reflective finish of the CD can be used as inspiration.
Several pieces can be submitted – you are not limited to one CD.

The best pieces will be exhibited and for sale from December 16-19 in Paris at the Bastille Design Center space on 74 Bd. Richard Lenoir, 75011.

All works will be sold for 80 euros. Le Genie de la Bastille will take a commission of 20% for each work sold.

All 3-D pieces must be sent to a different address; contact Le Genie for more details if this pertains to you.

Send entries to :
Le Genie de la Bastille
MDA XI 8, Rue du General Renault
75011 Paris


Unsold works will be returned. Please do not forget to put your name and address on each submission and provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for each as well.

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