Thursday, April 30, 2009

New York Exhibition Possibility

Crest Hardware Art Show
The eighth run of the legendary Crest Hardware Art Show will open on JUNE 13th. The opening day celebration, Crest Fest 2009, will bring the community together with art, food, drinks, live music and local vendors. This year's event will not only take place at Crest Hardware but also will encompass Macri Park (on the corner of Union Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue). Crest Hardware will offer over 5000 sq ft, storefront windows, and space for potential permanent installations in Macri Park. As always, submitted work must be about-with-for or inspired by hardware. The first 75 pieces will take priority.

In-Store Call / Contact Joe at
- Maximum size of artwork may not exceed 2 square feet (a few special
considerations will be made)
- All artwork will be potentially displayed until July 30th 2009
- Opportunity for 150 art submissions

Outdoor Art Call / Contact Joe at
- Art to be displayed in Crest Urban Garden Center / potential placement until July
30th 2009
- Sculptures in Macri Park / possible consideration for permanent placement
- Potential fence art / permanent placement / Specs TBD
- Limited art submission opportunity

Storefront Windows Call / Contact Jeremiah at
- Art to be placed in local business windows
- Specs TBD / placement date range TBD
- Limited art submission opportunity

Building Art Call / Contact Jeremiah at
- Large art to be hung from local building rooftops
- Specs TBD / placement during opening day event only (June 13th 2009)
- Limited art submission opportunity

For submission details and official entry form please go to:

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